September 11th – The visit to commence at l’abbaye aux Dames, meeting at 11 am at the Carousel (details on Youtube),

At 12 am we will go to the restaurant we will have chosen (details later, when selected and priced from the many nice restaurants in Saintes)
After the meal we will go to the Musee de l’Echevinage to see the exhibition with our guide.

The tour will be on three levels: the first one is dedicated to paintings about Franche-Comté from where Courbet was born.

The second level is about the sponsors who helped him. And the last one is about the caricatures made on Courbet, because he was a ‘nefarious’ character.
After the exhibition we will go by gabarre on the river Charente to be shown the landscape he appreciated and the guide will tell us about his pictorial style.

The cost and further details will be forthcoming.

The details of Gustave Courbe’s life and paintings are, of course, on the internet as are details of this particular exhibition, the Carousel and the Gabarre.